Coffee Bean Studios

An iOS and Web Development Studio


Great software is not a mystery, it is a product of hard work and passion. It is those who love what they do whose creations are loved by others. We show our passion in everything we do and we like to think that our products reflect that.


  • Website Design
  • iOS App Design
  • Logo Design


  • iOS App Creation
  • Website Development
  • Content Management Systems


  • Infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Heroku, etc)
  • Application Specifications
  • E-mail Services


Project 01

We reached out to the creators of this awesome website to make them an iOS app. The Capptivate app allows you to view a curated list of innovative iOS app interactions directly on your iPhone.

Project 02

Asado was a collaboration with the amazing designer Nicolas Garcia. This relatively simple app was created to assist in planning an "Asado", or Spanish barbecue.

Project 03
Apex Labs | Test Coverage for

Apex Labs is an iPhone app for comprehensive test coverage management on the platform. This full featured app is developed for both managers and developers.

Project 01
MyKin Web Application

Coffee Bean Studios was approached with the concept of MyKinApp. What if we could improve the lives of thousands of elderly people? What if we could allow their loved ones to feel more in touch? We custom designed and engineered a robust and secure solution to make this idea a reality.

Project 02
MyKin iOS App

This iPad app was a great opportunity for Coffee Bean Studios. It is custom designed from the ground up to be easily used by those who have a hard time seeing.

Project 03
The Real Toothfairies iPad App

The Real Toothfairies is a universal mobile app written in javascript and using the PhoneGap framework. It is an interactive childrens eBook with beautiful full screen graphics, touch points with sounds and page swiping.


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